Excelling in College

Five Cool Courses That You Should Be Taking At Adult-Ed

by Raul Davis

If you are fortunate enough to have an adult-education program at your area high school, there are some classes that you should definitely consider taking. The prices for these offerings are significantly lower than what you would find at a trade school or university, and the provision of specific tools and equipment makes them an even better deal.

Five courses that you should sign up for include:

Foreign language.

There are typically different foreign language offerings in adult-ed programs, from Spanish to American Sign Language. These are a great option for travelers or students that are planning to study abroad in the future. Look for classes identified as conversational, as these will provide the basics that you need to know in a foreign country.

Cake decorating.

Do you want to save some money on the fancy cakes that you may buy for birthdays and other holiday occasions? Take a beginners' cake decorating class at your local adult-education site! Furthermore, you might get to take home some tasty treats after each class.

Guitar lessons.

If you have always wanted to learn to play an instrument, an adult-ed class is the perfect way to get started. Guitar and piano are popular offerings, but there may also be voice, drums, or other instrumental instruction found. These classes may even provide the instruments, but be sure to check with enrollment staff before registering to be sure.

Floral design.

Floral design courses at adult-ed are a fun and easy way to ease into this educational environment; classes are usually suited to all ages and levels of experience. These skills will serve you well later when you want to make your own arrangements, centerpieces, and corsages. Think of the money that you could save by creating your own floral creations!

Stained glass.

Taking stained glass classes at adult-ed may provide an opportunity that you would never have had otherwise. The materials and equipment for creating stained glass or mosaic artwork are quite expensive, but are provided in class for a lower cost. This is the perfect way to determine if you want to pursue this art, without making lofty investments in equipment, tools, and gear.

Enroll in these and many other courses at your local adult education program, which are usually found at area high schools and community colleges. Once you take a class, you may find that you are even more inspired to continue taking these fun and affordable educational offerings. Talk with enrollment specialists regarding group rates and discounts when taking these classes with a friend or family member.